I highly recommend Sue Hocker as a doula.  She assisted me with the birth of my first child in April 2010.  Sue came to us through an on-call doula service, so we had not met her before I was actually in labor, but she jumped right in and began working with my team (my husband and my mother) and tried to get familiar with my birth plan as quickly as possible.  Sue was well-prepared with lots of ideas and techniques for us to try, as well as props such as a kneeling pad and snacks.  She worked very well with my team, acting as a leader without being pushy, allowing my husband and mother to take over or rest as needed, and responding and adjusting to my feedback.  She is flexible and adaptable, and has a very soothing presence.  She worked to make my needs and the requests in our birth plan known to the hospital staff.  My labor and delivery was several weeks premature and I had not planned to give birth at the hospital, so I was fairly agitated as well as in a great deal of pain from the time that Sue arrived, and her presence assisted me greatly in getting comfortable and settled down.  There were complications with the birth that required extended post-delivery procedures and Sue stayed with me until those were completed and I was out of danger.  I am very thankful to have had Sue's assistance with my birth.

~Autumn Buss



          My experience was EXCELLENT...   I was very comfortable with her from the beginning because she was so polite and had a wonderful attitude.  Also knowing that she was a mother herself gave me the comfort of knowing she will understand alot of what I would be going through. This was my 2nd child but everything is so different from each child and so we went over everything that I wanted and didn't want.  Then we ended up being induced, she was there with us talking and being very supportive to me and my partner. Sue helped  with everything from getting me water to being right there helping get through the contractions. My Partner doesn't do needles so when they gave me my epidural he wasn't there but Sue was right there Supporting me and giving positive reinforcement during the whole process and through every contraction. Her massage's, reinforcement, calming tone when she spoke was wonderful.  During the Birth she was great for me and my partner, She was assisting with holding my legs and supporting me, this allowed my partner to focus more on me and the birth of our beautiful Baby boy.  Afterwards she was there taking pictures and making sure that me and my partner was ok and also helped with our son breastfeeding.  (my 1st didn't)  After the birth she checked in with me to make sure we were good and to see if she could do anything else for us. I always thought that having a doula wasn't necessary because I had my partner. But after having Sue there I would have her there again.  I will say that she made this birth alot more relaxing then my first. I hope she makes your experiences and wonderful as mine.

~Misty Church


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